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Help your child get smarter

Help your child get smarter

Children are not similar. They possess varying levels of intellectual abilities. The extent and ability to learn will also vary from child to child. As a parent, you always wish to raise kids who are intelligent and smart. The level of intelligence and smartness in your kid will be determined by how you bring up your child. In that case, it pays to put in place all measures that will improve the levels of intelligence in your kid. There are several approaches that can be used to improve intelligence in your kid. A part from verbal training, it is important to understand that there are gadgets and equipment that can help in that regard.

Which are these gadgets?

Any gadget that facilitates the following is good for improving smartness in a kid;

  • A gadget that boosts the development of cognitive abilities and skills.
  • A gadget that improves the coordination of eye-muscles.
  • A gadget that facilitates the acquisition of critical thinking concepts
  • A device that will challenge your child to imagine and visualize.
  • A gadget that will facilitate streamlining of language skills.
  • A device that will boost social intellect as well as emotional intelligence.

Best gadgets that will sharpen your kid’s brain

The best gadgets that will enable you to impart the above skills and facilities in your child include:

1. Infant toys e.g. Brain Training Toilet Roll

Infant toys will encourage your kid to participate actively in any activity. Such toys are crucial in the development of skills such as muscle-eye coordination skills, cognitive skills as well as imagination skills. The roll will impart problem solving skills on the kid

2. Brain Workout (PC)

Exercising the brain

Exercising the brain

The Brain workout, also called PC is vital in developing imaginative skills in a kid. The devices are imaginative in nature and they bring a lot of excitement and activity. Such gadgets will also help your kid develop visualization skills.

3. The Mensa World Orb Brain Training Puzzle

If you want to improve the cognitive skills in your kid, these are the best gadgets to go for. A part from improving cognitive skills, the the mensa world orb
brain training puzzle improve a child’s thinking skills. You child will also be able to perfect his/her muscle-eye coordination skills. Generally, these types of toys are vital in improving the smartness of a kid from various angles.


4. Sudoku Hand Held Electronic Game

Games such as cards, quiz games, and puzzle are also beneficial. They improve the social skills in your child. These games are also good teaching tools. For instance, the electronic device mentioned above will challenge your child to come up with a well though answer to a problem. It will also introduce your child to the challenging activities of the outside world.

5. Brain Fitness Kit

Challenging your kids to improve  their skills

Challenging your kids to improve their skills

You child’s health is very important. For your child to catch up with others, he/she should be in a healthy state. The brain fitness Kit will improve the general condition of the child. In addition, health experts have revealed that the kits are significant in improving the functioning of the brain.

Generally, there are several brain training gadgets that can be found in the market. Before you buy them, you need to be clean in what you want to achieve so that you can buy specific ones.

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Your marriage is over... Now what?

Your marriage is over… Now what?

They say marriages are made in heaven. However, ask those people who undergo the trauma of a failed marriage. The heartache may take months to heal and sometimes even a few years. Here are a few tips that may help you recover faster from this bend in your life:

1. Take control of your life

As a couple, you must have shared many responsibilities. While your asset and liabilities might have been split, either amicably or through legal proceedings, your responsibilities are now completely for you to take care of.
Your spouse maybe previously handling finances, bills, household chores or even shopping for you. But once the marriage is over, you need to take charge. This is important as if you do not pay attention to your new set of responsibilities you may face additional financial or other loss.

2. Take your time to heal

Take your time to heal

Take your time to heal

You are obviously not expected to heal over night. However, do not be in a rush to jump into a new relationship as it may prove to be disastrous for both you. Take your time to heal your pain, vent out your emotions to a friend or even to psychologist who could help you overcome this emotional trauma.

3. Start Socializing and make new friends

With your marital responsibilities eating away most of your time, you may have stopped connecting with some of your old friends and family members. Re-establish a bond with them. They can help you during these tough times where loneliness aggravates your pain. It is a great idea to make new friends, as it would provide a good boost to your energy. You could also mingle in a group of recently divorced people to exchange notes.

4. Follow your hobbies and passions

As a singleton, you may have plenty of time to follow your hobbies or passion. You could head out for that all boys fishing trek or the all girls spa getaway that you could not afford to while you were married. Use these forums to vent out your angst and keep your spirits up. Take up a few foreign languages that you always wanted to learn. Add a few new skills to your skill set like learning a new sport. Take up a few home improvements DIY projects to enhance your home environment. Pamper yourself with luxury spa and a completely new summer garden to bask in!

5. Let go off the baggage and forgive

Make a clean cut and end your marriage in a friendly way

Make a clean cut and end your marriage in a friendly way

It is obvious that you would have been deeply hurt and disappointed at the turnout of the events, but carrying the baggage of the past is only going to slow you down and make the recovery process slow for you. So find ways to forgive and forget and embrace the present and do not worry about the future!
Thought it is easier said than done but letting go of the past may be a painful experience. The only way to benefit from the event of a failed marriage is to see it as a life lesson, learn from it and move on.

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Detox diet plan

Detox diet plan

Detox diets have gained a lot of popularity these days because they enjoy several health benefits. Why should you detoxify your body? The chemicals in the air you breathe, the food you eat and the water you drink are responsible for the toxins in your body. These toxins prevent your systems from functioning properly. Detoxification not only helps in removal of the toxins but also in losing weight. There are several detox diet plans. Some of them are popular. What makes them popular?

What are the best detox diet plans that are currently popular?

  • Master cleanse diet – What are its features?

It is also referred to as lemonade diet or maple syrup diet. This plan was developed by Naturopath, Stanley Burroughs. This diet is to be followed for 10 to 45 days. What are the ingredients of this diet? There are just four ingredients. They are lemon juice, water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. These are the only ingredients to be taken while following this detox diet plan. Nothing else is permitted. It has been popular for many years. It helps in detoxification of body, weight loss, improvement in skin tone and clearer vision. This is a severe plan and may cause side effects if taken for a prolonged period of time.

  • Alkaline diet – What are its features?

Eat healthier and be happier

Eat healthier and be happier

It is based on the fact that some foods produce acids in the body. The acid environment created by acidic foods increases the risks of diseases like cancer and osteoporosis etc. It is important to maintain an alkaline environment in the body. This detox diet plan teaches you how to attain this goal. This plan asks you to refrain from foods like meat, caffeine, refined flour, poultry, alcohol and sugar etc. It asks you to include a lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet. It is a safer plan to follow because it does not cause many side effects. Moreover, you can enjoy the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.

  • Metabolic balance diets – What are its features?

This detox diet plan has two goals – detoxification and weight loss. It was formulated by Dr. Wolf Funfack of Germany. The plan is divided into four phases. The first phase is the cleansing or detoxifying phase. This phase lasts for two days. The second phase is based on the concept that the rate of metabolism varies from one person to another and it is important that each individual should follow a personalized plan to adjust his metabolism. The third phase is introducing healthy foods into your diet and the last phase involves sticking to the new diet plan. The foods recommended in this plan are fresh fruits, sprouts, rye bread, eggs, yogurt and lean meat etc. The plus of this plan is that is a personalized plan. The greatest disadvantage is that it is expensive and does not fit into the budget of common man.

  • Candida diet – What is it?

Choose the right detox diet plan

Choose the right detox diet plan

It is of three stages. The first stage is cleansing of toxins. The next stage is eliminating the Candida from the body. In this stage fruits, nuts, sugar, alcohol and chocolate etc, are strictly avoided. The last stage is repopulating Candida in the right quantity in the body. In this stage fruits are reincorporated into the diet. This detox diet plan improves health. It is based on the results of the researches conducted by a group of experts. It is difficult to follow and the duration of the plan is long.

Detox diet plans may be beneficial but some of them may cause adverse effects. It is not advisable to follow them without consulting your physician.

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Put your money to work

Put your money to work

You can have two broad sources of income: active or passive. Active income implies income that you can earn in exchange of your active engagement in the income generation activity. This kind of income is transient and generally does not last beyond the working years of the individual. Some examples of active sources of business include salaries, wages, small business profits etc.

Passive income on the other hand means you can earn income even without active engagement in the income generation activity. This kind of income is more or less steady and can last for generations. Some examples of passive sources of income include rental income, income from investment, income from system-based businesses like franchising, income from patents etc.

While active income sources are easy to build, the real aim of an individual should be to build passive sources of income. The main reasons behind building a passive source of income are listed below.

1. Building for a more secure future

Think about your financial future

Think about your financial future

Bad times come unannounced. If you are an active income earner, you are the single point of success as well as a single point of failure for your enterprise. If something happens to you and you are not able to work actively, your source immediately dries up leaving you on ground zero. However, a passive income source does not require your physical presence and hence help you with financial security even during troubled times.

2. Enjoy early retirement

As an active income source owner, you stop earning the day you retire. You can have an active work life of 30-40 years. With the rising health hazards and increasing stress at work or business environment, the work life is bound to decrease. However, the expenses only rise, as you grow old as your medical expenses rise with little medical insurance offers. In addition, being retired you have more time at your disposal. Therefore, if you are not earning, you are likely to be spending money. But if you have only been an active earner all your life and have little passive sources of income how are you likely to survive your retired life? As a passive income generator, you can have the confidence to retire early and enjoy your sunset years with your companion in peace.

3. Building a legacy

Start early and slowly secure your future

Start early and slowly secure your future

As an active income earner even if you reach the peak of success, your successors will not be able to benefit from it. You success shall end with you. Even if you become a top executive of your company, your children have no guarantee of getting employment with the same company when they grow up. Also even they get employed, they shall start off as trainees. So there is no legacy as such that is built while working on active income sources. However, the reverse is true for passive income generators.

While it takes time and patience to build a passive source of business, the fruits of this effort are for many to share for generations. So diversify your sources of income and start working on building a pipeline of passive income that shall feed you for generations all together!

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A business plan starts with an idea

A business plan starts with an idea

Whether you are a business skills teacher, an entrepreneur or an investor, you will be exposed to several types of business plans and therefore, you will need a solid standard approach to judge each of the business plans. Analyze each section of the business plan independently, and then study the plan fully to evaluate its viability the possibility of its success in the proposed way. You should also look into the writing skills as well as the attention to the details that were formulated in the business plan. The following are the tips on how to judge a business plan:

i) Read the executive summary

An executive summary should always be concise and not a summary of the entire business plan. The executive summary should be in 1-2 pages and it needs to express the market opportunities as well as the uniquely compelling features of a particular business that will assist it attain its main objectives. The summary should be able to excite and make you feel like you want to read the other subsequent pages. If the executive summary does not excite, then the entrepreneur might lack writing or marketing skills.

ii) Evaluate the market opportunities

Creating a business plan

Creating a business plan

The marketing opportunities need to be growing at a rate of at least 10% every year and have the prospect of vital prospect relative to the investment and business size. The larger the prospect market, the quick it is to grow better. Check at the appendices and the exhibits to make sure that the business plan has carried out essential market research and can support any claim.

iii) Examine the strategy of the company for capturing its market

The business plan should describe the problem that the company is trying to solve and recommend a solution. Scrutinize closely the alignment that exists between the problem and solution. The evaluation that you will undertake should take into account the services and products that are being offered.

iv) Understand the business surrounding

The business plan needs to analyze the competitive business environment in which the firm will be operating. Analyze the detailed breakdown as well as the analyses of each of the business competitors within the environment, and the way the firm is better and different than the other competitors. This section of the plan should constitute the regulatory environment as well as state any expense that will be associated with the regulation.

v) Evaluate the entire business plan

Your business plan

Your business plan

After analyzing each section of the business plan, you need to analyze the entire document of the business plan and make comparison with the real world environment. Determine if the needs of the market are sufficient and whether the firm’s offering is compelling as per the demands of the business environment. This should be done carefully so as to ensure that the business plan is properly documented.

For any business to realize success within the long run, it should have a proper and effective business plan. This is because business plan is the core of how the business will be operating and manage itself. A proper and effective business plan is a substantial proof of the company’s commitment to realize success.

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